Stanley Steen


George McGrath

“Stanley is one of my favorite Voice-Over Actors. Super talented, super versatile and super fun to work with. This guy is at the top of my list!”

Leendert de Ridder

“Stanley is a playful actor with theater-intelligence that always surprises”

Screen actor

Stanley’s first passion for acting came in the form of Screen Acting. In the early stages of his career, he visited many film and television sets, to discover the world of acting in front of the camera. After his first introduction to the filmmaking world, he sought out for professional training, and was accepted to the New York Film Academy (Los Angeles Campus) to start his Associates Degree program. It was during his time at this school, when Stanley learned most of his skills, developed his craft and learned the technical part of camera acting. After his study, Stanley played in multiple feature and short films.

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Voice actor

Ever since he was just a little boy, Stanley loved to work with his voice, without being aware of it. He had gotten a lot of experience by hosting several radio shows. When Stanley discovered his passion for acting, he quickly moved away from radio, but still continued to develop his voice. Partly by attending classes for Voice-Over, held by Oscar winning teachers and by gaining experience in the field. He was part of some radio plays, provided lines for games, animations and commercials and has been part of a loop group.



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Stage actor

Even though Stanley’s first love for acting came from screen acting, he discovered the power and beauty of the theater quickly after. During his study in Los Angeles, Stanley learned that all actors have to start on stage, before moving to screen acting. During his first semester at the New York Film Academy, Stanley was overwhelmed, but attracted to the instant response and connection with the audience. He said: “It feels so magical to share a moment, not only with your scene partner, but also with the audience. Even though the character doesn’t know they’re there, it changes the complexion completely.” After starring in multiple plays during his stay in Los Angeles, Stanley was determined to continue to play on stage and made his stage debut in the Netherlands as well.

Stanley Steen (8)

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